Kasco Marine C Series Circulators - 1/2 to 1 HP

Kasco Circulators are ideal for creating agitation and flow, rendering them extremely effective in a host of common water applications such as lake and pond management, industrial applications, potable water tanks, and much more. The Kasco Circulators add vital oxygen to your water, and also help disburse and mix anything that may be added to your application of choice.

In addition to extensive oxygenation benefits, proper mixing of your pond or lake can give fish year-round access to the nutrients they need to stay alive. Also, Kasco Circulators can be used to create a directional push of unwanted debris to the edge of your lake or pond, making clean-up a breeze.

The Kasco Circulators also have de-icing benefits that can help prevent winter-kill conditions and protect against thermal stratification. Additionally, Kasco Circulators can create open water areas by bringing warm water from the bottom of a water body to the top. Through this cycling of water, ice formation is prevented and water bound structures are protected from damage.