Little Giant Pond & Waterfall Pumps

At we carry the Little Giant line of statuary, pond & waterfall pumps.

Little Giant Direct Drive Statuary Pumps are designed for continuous duty applications, such as tall statuary or fountain features.

Little Giant Stainless Steel and Bronze Fountain Pumps are widely used in koi ponds, water gardening, and applications where dependability and longevity are a must.

Little Giant Wet Rotor Pumps are flexible, multi purpose pond pumps that can be used submerged or externally, as well as vertically or horizontally.

Ideal for use in waterfall and stream applications, the Little Giant WGP-Series Pumps feature a unique dual-discharge design for operation of two water features simultaneously.

The Little Giant Flex Pumps are designed for koi and goldfish ponds, as well as disappearing waterfalls and other water features.

Constructed with stainless steel, cast iron and durable thermoplastic, the solids-handling Little Giant WGFP-Series Waterfall Pumps meet the rigorous demands of the most impressive water features.