Waterfall Weirs & Spillways

Thanks so much for all the detailed information! This will really help make a successful installation. When you said you were customer oriented … well, you certainly do demonstrate it! Thanks again.
Jon, Brentwood, CA

At PondUSA.com we carry a large variety of stainless steel, copper colored, acrylic and traditional black injection-molded waterfall weirs from manufacturers like Aquascape, Atlantic Water Gardens, Calais, Little Giant, ProEco Products and Savio.

Stainless steel, copper colored and acrylic waterfall weirs are used in more formal applications. Acrylic waterfall weirs may be used in chlorinated water, such as swimming pools and spas but stainless steel and copper colored units may not.

Injection-molded waterfall weirs are suitable for use in traditional pondless or pondfree applications.

We also carry the popular ColorFalls and Color Changing ColorFalls Waterfall Weirs and Kits from Atlantic Water Gardens.