Blue Diamond CP120 Pond Air Pump with Battery Backup- 9,200 Gallon Ponds – FREE SHIPPING


For ponds up to 9,200 gallons. The Blue Diamond CP120 Pond Air Pump is a versatile air pump that can be used in aquariums and ponds.


Blue Diamond CP120 Pond Air Pump with Battery Backup

The Blue Diamond CP120 Pond Air Pump helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. Providing a clean, oil-free air source, it is exceptionally quiet in operation, as low as 45dB even when running continuously. The Blue Diamond CP120 Pond Air Pump is ideal for portable tanks and aquariums. It allows you to manually adjust the flow output to match the user requirements. This air pump has the unique feature of using a battery pack for portability so that it can run for up to 8 hours at a time. It also has an integrated retractable handle for ease of maneuverability.

Key Features

  • Variable flow control
  • Dual outlets
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Oil free design ensures contamination free air
  • Battery will charge when the pump is connected to an AC power supply
  • Changes automatically to DC when AC is off
  • The DC power can work up to 8 hours
  • Maintenance-free 12 Volt battery inside
  • Energy-efficient Green Drive Technology for low power consumption
  • Suitable for intermittent and continuous duty applications
  • Specially formulated diaphragm material for extended life
  • Robust and compact construction – weatherproof
  • UL and CE approved with a grounded 6 ft. power cord


  • 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • This warranty does not include the diaphragms


  • Watch for possible condensation buildup in the air tubing
  • Must be installed a minimum of 12 inches above pond water level to prevent water from flowing back
  • The Blue Diamond CP120 Pond Air Pump must be plugged in to a properly grounded and GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected 120 Volt outlet !
  • The Blue Diamond CP120 Pond Air Pump is not approved for use in swimming pools or salt water


Blue Diamond Part Number CP120
Pond Size up to 9,200 gallons
Pond Depth up to 7 ft.
Maximum Air Tubing Length 130 ft.
Maximum Air Flow Rate 4.24 CFM / 120 lpm
Maximum Pressure 0.3 bar
Noise Level 45 dba
Submersible no
Number of Outlets 2 @ 2.12 CFM / 60 lpm
Tubing Connection plain, horizontal, connection 8.0 mm slip (0.32”) OD
Wattage 28 W
Voltage 120 V / 60 Hz. with DC battery backup
Power Cord Length 6 ft.
Air Pump Dimensions 13.46″ L x 8.85″ W x 7.95″ H
Air Diffuser & Air Tubing not included

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