ScareCrow Animal Deterrent


ScareCrow Animal Deterrent protects your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and water features from hungry or destructive animal intruders.

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ScareCrow Animal Deterrent (CR0102)

Protect your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and water features from hungry or destructive animal intruders. ScareCrow senses animals the same way security lights detect people; movement and heat. When an animal is seen, a valve opens instantly releasing a three-second pulsating spray of water. The combination of the sudden noise, movement, and water frightens animals away. This startling, yet harmless action is a remarkably effective deterrent. Up to 1,200 square feet can be covered by one ScareCrow. A 35 foot deep and 45 foot wide 100 degree sensor detection zone provides plenty of garden protection.

Using the ScareCrow is easy. Simply attach a standard garden hose to its base, set the ScareCrow in the ground in the area you want to protect, and then turn on the water. Once you switch the unit on, it is ready to go.

How does it work ?

The ScareCrow uses a combination of sudden noise, unexpected movement, and a startling blast of water to create a memorable and unpleasant experience for the trespasser.

The animal immediately associates this unpleasant experience with the location, and to avoid similar surprises, learns to avoid the area. If an animal chooses to return, the ScareCrow will be waiting.

While a human may flee several steps after activating a ScareCrow, animals are typically affected to a much greater degree. In most cases they run much farther, and stay away longer. Because the unit only triggers when the animal moves, its behavior is difficult for animals to anticipate, making it a very effective deterrent.

Key Features

  • Proven to solve the most common animal complaints:  deer, raccoons, herons, and cats
  • Effective alternative to harmful chemicals and unattractive netting
  • Guaranteed effective from day one
  • Works day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers
  • Can be linked to other ScareCrows to form an effective water barrier
  • Conserves water – uses just 2 to 3 cups per deterrence
  • Operates for up to six months on a single nine-volt battery
  • One ScareCrow covers approximately 1,200 sq. ft.


  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • Requires one 9-volt battery (not included) and a hookup to a garden hose